Tools and Education Designed to Create More Opportunities

Ascend by Asset Marketing Systems

Makes it easier than ever to navigate the challenges advisors experience when balancing how to better serve their clients, while staying focused on creating new clients. This is your opportunity to get the necessary tools, techniques, and strategies that can help remove the barriers or create new opportunities to help you make it to the summit.

About Ascend

Climbing Mt. Everest 100 years ago would have been exponentially harder than it is today. No maps to help navigate the terrain, limited access, and very few paths or trails available to hikers. Pair these obstacles with limited communication with government and local authorities and you have quite a challenging situation.

Modern technology has made it easier than ever before to reach that elusive summit. Every hiker has a variety of sophisticated tools they can tailor to their skill-level and individual needs.

The cutting-edge technology and techniques we have today not only make Mt. Everest easier to navigate – they have also propelled us to new heights in our daily lives. Our goal is to make it easier to navigate the challenges advisors experience when thinking how to better serve their client’s needs while continuing to stay focused on future prospecting. Ascend Education Series is your opportunity to receive those innovative strategies, techniques, and tools that can be immediately applied to your practice. Join us at an upcoming event near you and let us help you identify the path to enable you to reach that summit.

Legacy Protection

November 14, 2019
Petaluma, CA

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